Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


  • Upgraded the server infrastructure to a more powerful system, optimizing the generation of programmatic SEO pages.
  • The migration of heavy algorithms to the new server significantly reduces the processing time required for generating pages.
  • Generating programmatic SEO pages will now take less time due to the enhanced server capabilities.
  • The server upgrade ensures that the generation process remains efficient even with an increased number of prompts, preventing timeouts.
New Feature:
  • Introduced One-Click WordPress Connection, enabling users to connect their WordPress accounts seamlessly.
  • Users no longer need to manually enter their WordPress credentials to establish the connection.
  • With the One-Click WordPress Connection, users can directly access their WordPress account from within the application.
  • The connection process is simplified and streamlined, saving time and effort.
  • Users can seamlessly transition to creating content without the need for repetitive authentication steps.
New Feature:
  • Added support for Custom Fields, empowering users to create their own fields within the application.
  • Users can now create customized fields tailored to their specific needs and preferences.
  • Custom Fields feature provides flexibility for users who require additional CMS integration options beyond the existing ones.
  • Users can generate content for the created custom fields.
  • Export functionality allows users to download the custom field content in CSV format.
  • Users can directly upload the CSV file containing custom field data into their preferred Content Management System (CMS) or database.